Editorial Services

Individual costs will vary based on the scope of the project. When applicable, rates will be based off EFA suggested rates. Please contact Proof It to get a detailed quote.

If your work has been looked at by a copyeditor, this is the service for you. This service is designed to catch any last minute errors before your audience sees your work. Your work will not undergo any significant revision with this service outside of minor adjustments.

Copyediting (Basic/Heavy)
This service includes 
correcting spelling, typos, grammar, usage, and punctuation. When applicable, it also includes checking cross-references and creating a style sheet. It is highly advised to also seek proofreading services after your work has been copyedited. 

Basic Formatting (Microsoft Word)

Sloppy formatting can lead to your work being rejected. This service will help visually clean up your work. Style sheets ensure consistency throughout your document.

These are, of course, general prices and service descriptions. Different projects have different needs. Rates may be impacted by particulars of your project. Please contact Proof It so we talk about telling your story.