Trust Proof It with Your Story

Rita Ray, Editor, Head Shot

Don't let typos and errors get in the way of telling your story.

We all have a story to tell. It may be a blog post, novel, or a cover letter to a prospective employer. It is not always easy to get your story on paper (or the screen), but when you do, you should feel proud and celebrate—and then get a second pair of eyes on it before you publish it.

Why? When it is your own writing, it can be difficult to see typos or even missing chunks of information. True, typos can have happy endings. Take, for example, the name Google. When Larry Page went to register the domain name for the search engine, instead of typing "googolplex," he accidentally typed "Google" and ended up liking it. The rest is proverbial history. Other errors could have disastrous ramifications; a medical journal nearly committed libel by referring to a therapist as "the rapist." Fortunately, an eagle-eyed worker noticed the error prior to publication.

If you would like help with your story, contact me; it would be my pleasure to help you tell it. However, it can be hard to work with an anonymous face over the internet. Visit my "About" page or if you would like to know my story.